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If you are a resident of the Thornbury and surrounding areas, fixing and tuning your cars performance is what we do best! The only thing that you will have to do is drive your car down to Thornbury Automotive Tyres & Mechanical Repairs Thornbury.

We give total assurance that your car will be checked and fixed on time without any hassles. Convenience is what we promise with all our clients.

With more than 30 years in the field, at Thornbury Automotive Tyres & Mechanical Repairs Thornbury we will make sure your car is serviced with care. If you need a car check-up you can easily reach us through a phone call or online form.

Customers are free to schedule and book an online appointment that will be convenient for you. There are several reasons why you can rely on our well-trained mechanics and technicians, here is why:

  • We are the technical car experts in Thornbury.
  • We have all the latest tools and technology to give
    your car the attention it needs.
  • Qualified car servicing or repair will upgrade or
    maintain your car’s warranty.


No matter how cautious you are at driving your car, it is still expected that your car will need to be maintained.

Even the usual traffic you encounter on the road will contribute a lot of wear and tear to your vehicle. Therefore, it is important that all components of your car must be regularly checked for safety purposes.

Furthermore, Thornbury Tyres & Mechanical Repairs Thornbury also provides extensive roadworthy services for your car with highly qualified technicians and mechanics that will do all the necessary checking of your car.


Thornbury Automotive Tyres & Mechanical Repairs Thornbury offers all kinds of car repair services varying from simple to complicated car problems. You can be sure that all parts from your car’s tyres to engine will be completely checked.

It is important to have your car regularly check by a skilled technician or mechanic to reduce the risk of car or road accidents.

In addition, most of the car repairs can be completed in one day on average. Aside from the quality service we offer, we are also offer an affordable rate.

If you want to have a reliable car and repair service, Thornbury Automotive Tyres & Mechanical Repairs Thornbury is the best local shop. Bringing you car to us will give you the chance to drive a car, which is safe and maintained 100%.


Time for a car service?

  • When you notice unusual noise while you are driving your car
  • Your car it is not running smoothly
  • Your car consumes more than the expected fuel
  • Car warning messages or lights that appear
  • Your car’s clutch is not engaging or easily slipping
  • Car’s engine lights stay on
  • Car wheel creating a loud noise
  • Car does not start or it is difficult to start
  • Automotive Air Conditioning Regas


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